eFolder Document Customization


Truv's integration with Encompass comes with a number automation capabilities that can help streamline workflows, saving loan officers and processors time and effort. By default, when a Truv order is successfully completed, all of the returned documents (Reports, Paystubs, W-2s, 1099s, Invoices) go to a Verifications eFolder within Encompass.

To setup a specific routing of the returned Truv documents in Encompass, Lenders can customize which eFolder each Truv document type should go to via the Document Mapping page. Alternatively, lenders can also chose to send all documents to the Unassigned eFolder to be sorted later.

Document Mapping Customization

Each Truv document has a document type associated with it. To configure which eFolder each document should go to, first navigate to the Truv Document Mapping page.

  1. Log into Encompass as an administrator using Encompass Web.
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab at the top of the screen, select Services on the left navigation.
  3. Under Services Management, ensure Truv is configured following the Encompass Admin User Guide.
  4. Within the Truv Service tile, select the Document Mapping option

Adding Document Mappings Manually

On the left side under Document Types, enter the Truv document type (see the table below for supported Document Types). On the right side under eFolder Document Folder, select the name of the eFolder you would like this document to go to.

  • If the Document Type or eFolder Document Folder doesn't exist yet, entering the text will create the new value
  • After creating a mapping, select ADD ANOTHER to create a new row
  • After adding all the desired mappings, click the Save button on the bottom right
Document TypeDescription
paystubPaystubs documents retrieved by Truv in the order
w2W-2 documents retrieved by Truv in the order
10991099 tax statement documents retrieved by Truv in the order
employer_reportReport summarizing employment and/or income for a specific employer or benefit source
borrower_reportReport summarizing all employments and/or incomes for a borrower, includes Report ID for GSE submission
invoiceInvoice itemizing costs for the Truv services used



Document Type name must match the above table exactly, while the eFolder Document Folder can be customized however the lender wants

Uploading Document Mappings using a Template

Encompass also supports uploading a .csv file with the Document Types to eFolder Document Folder mapping in two columns.

  • Download the document mapping template within Encompass
  • Enter the Truv Document Types in Column A (using the same naming convention as above)
  • Enter the Encompass eFolder Document Folders in Column B
  • Save the file and then upload to Encompass to import the mapping directly into Encompass
  • Click the Save button on the bottom right to save the mapping

Sending Documents to Unassigned eFolder

As an additional option, lenders can request for all returned documents to be sent to the Unassigned eFolder, instead of the default Verifications eFolder or any custom mapped options. This gives lenders the ability to route documents manually to folders as they appear.

Reach out to the Truv Implementation team for assistance in configuring this option.