This section is an overview of the Truv Dashboard.


Once you’ve signed up with Truv, use the dashboard to navigate your Truv account information.



Toggle the Sandbox setting for your account at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left. The coverage tab isn't visible while in Sandbox mode.


On the Home page, view a summary of filtered order data for your company. Manage your different environments throughout Sandbox, Development, and Production.

You can also add team members and view reporting at the bottom of the page. For more information on other products, view the guides in our documentation.


The Truv Emulator is a simulation of the Truv workflow. At the top, you can toggle Sandbox mode for testing. View the Testing guide for more information.


Use the Truv Bridge tab to go through the process as a user. This configuration has pre-populated values for viewing a comprehensive experience. The left section allows you to configure various product types and configurations.

The preview panel in the middle adapts to changes in the product and configuration. You can run through actions using the interface.

The right section is the Event log display. Each action appears in order of most recent at the top. The drop down expansion contains the JSON object data for that step. View more about the events in the documentation.


Preview the user experience for each product type in the middle panel. The right panel covers general information and has answers to frequently asked questions. Learn more about Orders in the Truv Platform Orders guide.


The Usage section covers all of the data from your Truv integration. View additional details under each tab on the Dashboard.

  • Users - Search and filter data about your end users

  • Orders - Create and view order details from your company
  • Tasks - Search and filter historical information from retrieving data from a source

  • Reports - View analytics about your Truv production integration
    • Use the date and product type filters for Bridge and Orders

Permission and roles

Assign different roles for users in your account. See the table below for role access permissions.

AccessOwnerAdministratorDeveloperOrders Manager
Customization TemplatesYesYesNoNo
Company settingsYesYesNoNo
Support ticketsYesYesYesYes
Can be deletedNoYesYesYes


This page is a summary of all of Truv’s coverage information. Find statistics for the number of people covered and account integrations.


This section contains information about your account's developer details.

  • API Keys - Manage the authentication values, such as Client ID and Access secret, for your application's Truv integration
  • Logs - Search and filter through API events

  • Webhooks - Manage and view notifications from webhooks


Use the Customization section to change the design of your Truv integration. Learn more in our Customization Templates guide.


This section lets you manage your configurations with Truv.

  • Branding - Manage the appearance of your company’s design through Truv
  • Order settings - Configure contact and input field settings for your users


Use customizable templates to build a more compelling experience for your users.


Manage and select input data fields for your product types. Toggle each field using the checkbox and select Apply to confirm.


Find solutions and get support from Truv.

  • Support - View and manage your support tickets with Truv
  • Docs - View our documentation for more information
  • Feedback - Email Truv


View and edit your company's account with Truv.

  • Company - View and edit your company’s information with Truv
  • Team - Search, add, and manage your company’s team members
    • Control permission privileges by clicking on the pencil icon to edit member info

  • Profile - Manage your personal profile information
  • Log out - End your dashboard session

What’s Next

Get started on next steps with Truv using these guides.