Dashboard Overview

Your Truv account is managed through the Dashboard. This section gives an overview of managing your team and viewing existing connections, logs and tasks. For customization, testing, webhooks, making API requests and managing Orders refer to other sections in docs.


You can manage your team under Settings > Team members.

Under Active tab you'll see existing team members. You can invite new team members by clicking Add member.

When users sign up with your domain name and after they verify their email, they will be added under Pending tab and wait for you approval. You can also see existing invites there.

Finally, under Declined tab you can see all requests that were declined.

Permissions and roles

You can assign different roles for users in Truv Dashboard account. See the table below for details on access by role.

AccessOwnerAdministratorDeveloperOrders Manager
Company settingsYesYesNoNo
Support ticketsYesYesYesYes
Can be deletedNoYesYesYes


Under Users tab, you can see existing successful connections and all user data which was shared with your company.


Under Development > Logs you can see all your API requests including body and response. Logs can be helpful for debugging any issues during implementation and arising issues in production.


Under Development > Tasks you can see all Task initiated with Truv Bridge and their status. If you're trying to find out what happened with a particular Task, we recommend using Tasks instead of Logs.