Truv products work together to provide a robust financial experience for your users.


Learn about the basic features and terms throughout the workflow.

Truv Bridge

Truv Bridge is the client-side component and module for users to connect accounts and share data with the Truv API. You can drop this feature into your application for a seamless user experience to connect your users.

Truv Bridge handles employer searches, validating credentials, multi-factor authentication, and error handling. The module works across all modern browsers and platforms. This includes web, mobile, iOS, and Android, as well as through React Native, Flutter and Expo. Learn more about Truv Bridge in the guides below.


Navigate all of your Truv account information on the dashboard. View the guides below for more information.


Create a more compelling experience for your users using customization templates. The guide below contains more information branding, templates, and order flow configurations.


Orders are a personalized landing page for your users. Here, they can connect their accounts to their providers. You can send invitations to these pages using email addresses as well as phone numbers.

Use Orders to provide interactive solutions with our interface and user experience tools. Orders allow you to contact your users and prompt them to complete their provider details. Learn more in the guide below.


Truv helps you verify personal information from different providers. The products below cover income, employment, and insurance options from your users.

Income and employment (VOIE)

The Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) product from Truv lets you access your users' employment and income information from authenticated accounts.

Employment history (VOE)

Truv’s Verification of Employment History (VOE) product allows you to get employment information from authenticated accounts of all your users.


Access all insurance information from borrowers using Truv’s Insurance Verification product. Learn more in the overview guide.


Manage your users direct deposit settings with Truv. Process payments directly from an account as well as configure paycheck distributions for direct deposits.

Direct Deposit Switch (DDS)

Help users configure their paycheck destinations with Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) from Truv.

Paycheck Linked Lending (PLL)

Truv's Paycheck Linked Lending (PLL) product helps you to process loan payments directly from paychecks.

Financial Account Aggregation

Use Financial Account Aggregation to access and verify income, transactions, and assets from authenticated accounts.

Third party integrations

Truv has partnered with third party organizations for expanded verification options.

TazWorks and Accio Data platforms

Truv helps to submit employment history requests for applications. This applies to CRAs and background screeners.

TazWorks and Accio Data now integrate with Truv for our customers. Use Truv’s verification workflow directly with these integrations for complete employment history requests.

You can also submit Orders using the TazWorks and Accio Data platforms. On your dashboard, check and monitor all orders from these integrations.


With Encompass, you can submit income and employment requests through the Truv verification processes. Help loan officers and processors manage submissions from future and existing borrowers.

Truv’s Encompass integration lets customers retrieve, refresh, and store aggregate reports in the Encompass eFolder. Support your users throughout the mortgage loan origination process.

You can also find and submit Orders using Encompass as well as manage them in your dashboard.


SimpleNexus is a point of sale (POS) mortgage platform. Truv integrates with SimpleNexus for borrowers to connect their payroll account information. Customers then share income reports as well as pay statements with loan officers. With additional customization, Truv allows for individualized experiences for borrowers throughout the process. View more information in the guide below.

SimpleNexus Integration Guide