Emulator and Sandbox

Use the Sandbox to quickly develop and test your app

Truv Sandbox is a free and fully-functional environment for development and testing. All Truv functionality is supported in the Sandbox.

Sandbox gives you access to predefined Sandbox credentials and sandbox companies so you can understand exactly what data you'll get back from Truv.


Only Sandbox companies have correct company_mapping_id in Sandbox. In Production environment you'll be able to see majority of large US-based organizations mapped to data providers.


Visit Truv Dashboard to view Emulator and test Truv Bridge without writing any code. Emulator allows you to select a product that Truv supports and apply Deeplinking for skipping screens within Truv Bridge.

Sandbox credentials

There are multiple sandbox credentials available each with different scenarios to test.

Individual users

Certain credentials can be used to test unique scenarios for different products we offer for testing Employment History (VOE), Income and Employment (VOIE), Direct Deposit Switch (DDS), Paycheck Linked Loans (PLL), and Insurance Verification products. For each scenario you wish to test, please refer to the "Eligible products" column below to determine which Truv products these credentials can be used for.

Sandbox credentials

UsernameEligible productsPasswordScenario
anyAllanyLogin Error
goodloginAllgoodpasswordHappy path login with complete data returned
goodloginAllmfaMulti factor authentication login. Use MFA Code 12345. Using any code other than 12345 will result in an MFA error.
goodloginAlllongcheckHappy path login that takes a little longer than usual (around 30 seconds) to complete
error.userAlllogin_errorIncorrect login and password
error.userAllmfa_errorIssue with multi-factor authentication
error.userAllaccount_lockedLocked account. Needs to be unlocked via provider
error.userAllno_dataNo data found in the provider account
error.userAllunavailableProvider is going through maintenance and isn't available
error.userAllerrorGeneric login error
wrongloginVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLwrongpwdFailed importing of payroll data
fulltimeVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordFull time sales person
hourly.part-timeVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordHourly part-time worker
partial.dataVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordPartial data returned, payroll provider did not provide all data
militaryVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordMilitary MyPay data
error.userVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLconfig_errorIncorrect organization ID
multiple.employmentsVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordMultiple employments with different employers
multiple.employments2VOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordMultiple employments with the same employer
nonactiveVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordEmployment with an end_date
unemploymentVOE, VOIE, DDS, PLLgoodpasswordUnemployment benefits with weekly pay frequency
goodlogin.shiftVOE, VOIEgoodpasswordGig worker, including EWA

Sandbox native reset credentials

Truv Sandbox supports all native reset flows we implemented (ex. ADP, Paycom, Paychex and etc). To test the flow you need to:

  1. Enter any values in requested field
  2. Use goodlogin when you asked to enter the verification code on multi-factor authentication screen

Sandbox companies

Sandbox environment supports a limited number of company names that will return a Mapping company_mapping_id. You can choose any one of these values when developing your Truv integration to get a valid company_mapping_id.

Bank of AmericaCompany with a single sign on
KrogerCustom integration
Fannie MaeADP
Freddie MacWorkday