Scoping Truv VOE for your Workflow

Decide how to integrate Truv VOE into your user experience with effective design and planning.

Evaluate your current process

Truv retrieves all employment data related to a payroll account. You can then use that data throughout your application process.

  • Pre-qualification - Check eligibility for pre-qualification. You can autofill any information including personal and employment information.
  • Verification - Verify employment or income after decision-making or pre-qualification. This use case is common for consumer loans, including auto and personal loans.

User onboarding and off-boarding

Our intuitive user interface and user experience improves conversion rates compared to traditional methods. Your user experience is more successful when connecting to your user’s payroll with a streamlined setup. Establish a simple and straightforward process with these benefits.

Accessing recent user data

Truv collects the most recent employment data during refreshes. This occurs during re-authentication as well as disconnection.

For example, when connections to a specific session expires, you can set up a user workflow to return to the application. This lets users re-authenticate with Truv Bridge and connect again, depending on the payroll system.

You can also let users manage their account. With this option, they can disconnect and delete data from the system as needed.

Using Orders

Truv Orders let you contact users to connect their provider information. These solutions are secure, simple, and customizable ways to integrate Truv into your workflow.

The VOE product also has Order integrations with third party configurations. Use the guide below to learn more.

What’s Next

Begin setting up your workflow with these guides.