Customize the Bridge UI

Learn how to customize the Bridge screens for your application


All Truv clients can customize the Bridge in the Dashboard.

Primary color

You can configure the primary color used by Bridge for links, buttons and more to match your company's brand colors or website color scheme via the Background Color setting.

Company logo

You can change company logo that's used in orders for email and on the landing page of the hosted experience.

Orders copy

You can customize text for email, sms and landing page. To do so you'll need to reach out to Truv team at [email protected]

White labeling

With white labeling you are able to remove all Truv Branding and get access to additional customizations.

Find your employer

If you want to change copy inside Truv Bridge to match the style of your app, you can update the head on the first screen.

Background color

Update background color for Truv Bridge on desktop.

Truv branding

You can remove "Powered by Truv" in Truv Bridge.

Data fields

Determine which data fields will be required to achieve your end result.

Legal text

Add legal text to inform user about your Privacy Policy or End-user Agreement.