Welcome to Truv’s developer documentation! Here you'll find everything you need to get started with Truv. If you have any questions, email [email protected] or chat with us in the Dashboard.

We support three environments:

  • Sandbox is used for general development. It gives you access to predefined sample data so you can understand exactly what data you'll get back from payroll providers.
  • Development is used to test your integration with live credentials. The number of successful Tasks here are limited to 50 and not billed.
  • Production is used for your production environment; each successful TaskTask - A process where a Link is used to pull/write data from/to a payroll provider. is billed.

All API requests should be made to https://prod.truv.com/v1/ regardless of which environment you are using. Your Access keyAccess key - The unique key passed into the X-Access-Secret header of every API request to authorize it. is what determines what environment your calls will be made to.