Learn about Companies and Data Providers supported by Truv Bridge.

A "Company" represents an organization where a user works and receives income. By default, Company search is presented to the user when they open the Truv Bridge. Alternatively, the search can be implemented separately and the Company ID can be passed directly to the Truv Bridge to streamline the user experience.

The full list of Companies can be found here.

Data Provider represents a system where the data about the user is stored. Usually, each Company has one Data Provider.

Company Attributes

Attributes of the Company:

company_mapping_idstringUnique ID of the Company
namestringName of the Company
domainstringWeb domain of the Company (unique)
logo_urlstringURL of the Company Logo
confidence_levelfloatProbability of success to link the data source for the Company

Data Provider Attributes

Attributes of the Data Provider:

idstringUnique ID of the Data Provider
namestringName of the Data Provider
is_supportedboolBoolean flag to indicate if Data Provider supports a particular product


Available endpoint list for Orders:

Search Companies - POST /companies/
Search Companies with autocomplete- GET /company-mappings-search/
List Companies - GET /companies/
List Data Providers - GET /payroll-providers/supported/{product_type}/

Sample Object

The example object returned by the Search Companies Endpoint:

  "company_mapping_id": "48427a36d43c4d5aa6324bc06c692456",
  "name": "Facebook Demo",
  "domain": "facebook.com",
  "logo_url": "https://citadelid-resources.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/facebook.png",
  "confidence_level": "0.9"