Companies and Data Providers

Learn about Companies and Data Providers supported by Truv Bridge.


A Company represents an organization where a user works and receives income. Truv Bridge prompts users with company search as a default after opening. Find the full list of Companies on the Truv Coverage page.

Company search also works separately when using a company ID value passed into Truv Bridge. This streamlines the user experience and lets users skip the search process.

Data Providers represent a user data storage system. Each company has one Data Provider in mapping use cases.


View the values below for the companies and data providers endpoint.

Company attributes

The values in this table are from Company attributes.

company_mapping_idstringCompany unique ID
namestringCompany name
domainstringWeb domain of company, unique value
logo_urlstringCompany logo URL
confidence_levelfloatProbability of success to link Company data source

Data provider attributes

This table contains attributes from the Data Provider.

idstringData provider unique ID
namestringData provider name
is_supportedBooleanStatus of data provider support for product


The list below has the available endpoints.

Example response

The example object below is from the Search Companies endpoint.

  "company_mapping_id": "48427a36d43c4d5aa6324bc06c692456",
  "name": "Facebook Demo",
  "domain": "",
  "logo_url": "",
  "confidence_level": "0.9"