The Shifts endpoint contains information related to the ongoing and completed work shifts. It includes time entries (clock in/clock out), the type of work, and earnings. The Shifts is related to the link_id from Truv's Income and Employment API.


The attributes of the Shifts:

countintegerThe number of results in total
nextstringLink to the next page
previousstringLink to the previous page
resultsarray of objectsThe result of the list of the shifts
idstringThe unique ID of the shifts
external_idstringThe external ID of the selected shifts
created_atstringThe shift creation timestamp
updated_atstringThe shift update timestamp
start_datestringThe start date of the shift
end_datestringThe end date of the shift
time_entriesarray of objectsThe list of time entries related to the shift
idstringThe unique time entry ID
external_idstringThe time entry external ID
created_atstringThe time entry creation timestamp
updated_atstringThe time entry update timestamp
entry_datestringThe entry date of the vent in the time tracking system
startstringThe date and time when the work shift started
endstringThe date and time when the work shift ended
earningsarray of objectsThe aggregated earnings for the shift
typestringThe type of the shift. There are four types of shifts:
- Other
- Delivery
- Rideshare
- Shift


The available endpoint list of Shifts:

List Shifts - GET/link/{link_id}/shifts

Sample Object

The example object returned by the List Shifts Endpoint:

  "count": 0,
  "next": null,
  "previous": null,
  "results": []