Bank Accounts

Learn how to manage bank accounts for the DDS and PLL.


The endpoints in this section cover management for bank accounts when using Direct Deposit Switching (DDS) and Paycheck Linked Loans (PLL).

Access information from bank accounts in a user's payroll account during VOIE before making deposit switches.


The values in these sections are for bank account objects.

account_numberstringBank account number
routing_numberstringRouting number
account_namestringUser-friendly account name for bank account
account_typestringAccount type of bank account, includes two types
C - Checking account
S - Saving account
deposit_typestringDeposit type of bank account, three types of deposits available
E - Entire paycheck
P - Percentage of paycheck
A - Fixed amount from paycheck
deposit_valuestringDeposit value of selected bank account
bank_namestringBank name


The two items below are the available endpoints.

Example response

This JSON object is a sample payload for the endpoint.

    "account_number": "11114623",
    "routing_number": "101014378",
    "account_name": null,
    "account_type": "C",
    "deposit_type": "A",
    "deposit_value": "1604.98",
    "bank_name": "Sandbox Bank"
    "account_number": "11111308",
    "routing_number": "101013399",
    "account_name": null,
    "account_type": "C",
    "deposit_type": "A",
    "deposit_value": "25.00",
    "bank_name": "Sandbox Bank"