Data Refresh

View information about data refresh endpoints for Links.


Refresh data from an existing Link with the data refresh endpoints. These let the user bypass entering their payroll credentials a second time.

Performing a data refresh

Follow the steps below to perform a data refresh.

  1. [Optional] Subscribe to Webhooks for completed Tasks with done status. Pull payroll data for the data refresh information.
  2. Use the Create a data refresh task with the access_token from the original connection.
  3. Use webhooks, the Retrieve a data refresh status endpoint, or both to check the status of the refresh.



Each data refresh Task is billed individually.

Refresh rate intervals

Truv has rate limits on each access_token value. Within a 24-hour period, only an initial request and three refreshes are allowed. The Refresh limit for the access_token exceeded error occurs for any requests outside of the interval and limit.


The sections below cover values from Data Refresh endpoints.

Data refresh task

The information below is for the response from data refresh tasks for a Link.

task_idstringUnique ID for Link data refresh task

Data refresh status

The values in the table below are for the status of a data refresh.

idstringUnique refresh task ID
created_atstringTime when refresh task was created
refresh_datestringDate of data refresh (Deprecated, invalid datetime format)
statusstringData refresh task status


These endpoints are from the Data refresh API.

Example responses

The JSON objects below are sample responses for the endpoints.

  "task_id": "48427a36d43c4d5aa6324bc06c692456"
  "id": "24d7e80942ce4ad58a93f70ce4115f5c",
  "created_at": "2021-04-06T11:30:00Z",
  "refresh_date": "2020-03-10",
  "status": "new"