Deposit Switch Reports

Learn about the values for reports for Direct Deposit Switch (DDS).

Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) reports contain the attributes in the tables below.


The values below cover attributes for the Deposit Switch Report.

idstringUnique identifier
statusstringStatus from Connection Lifecycle
finished_atstringTime when report was finished
completed_atstringTime when report was completed (Deprecated, invalid datetime format)
access_tokenstringAccess token for Link to payroll provider
tracking_infostringInformation passed to Truv Bridge from partner
deposit_detailsobjectBank account info, for Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) and Paycheck Linked Loans (PLL), see Deposit details object
initial_accountsobjectList of initial accounts, see Initial accounts object

Deposit details object

This table has information for the deposit details object.

account_numberstringAccount number
account_typestringAccount type
checking - Checking account
savings - Savings account
routing_numberstringRouting number
bank_namestringBank name
deposit_typestringDeposit type
entire - Entire paycheck
percent - Percentage of the paycheck
amount - Fixed amount from the paycheck
deposit_valuestringDeposit value

Initial accounts object

The information below is for the initial accounts object attributes.

account_numberstringAccount number
routing_numberstringRouting number


Use the following endpoints to get information for Deposit Switch Reports.

Example response

The sample below is a JSON response for the endpoint.

  "id": "24d7e80942ce4ad58a93f70ce4115f5c",
  "status": "new",
  "finished_at": "2021-04-06T11:30:00Z",
  "completed_at": "2021-04-06 11:30:00+00:00",
  "access_token": "48427a36d43c4d5aa6324bc06c692456",
  "tracking_info": "user123456",
  "deposit_details": {
    "account_number": "16002600",
    "account_type": "checking",
    "routing_number": "123456789",
    "bank_name": "TD Bank",
    "deposit_type": "percent",
    "deposit_value": "50.00"
  "initial_accounts": [
      "account_number": "16001234",
      "routing_number": "55999876"