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The table below covers information from the report response.

report_idstringUnique guid generated by scoring attributes API for identifying report
source_guidstringOnly applicable for refresh reports and existing customer refresh reports, new customer reports return null, unique guid of prior Scoring Attributes report for customer, returns most recent successful report for customers with multiple reports, the Refresh Report endpoint uses this report’s transactions as starting point
refreshBooleanStatus of refresh report
lender_referencestringValue for lender to identify report request, e.g. loan application number
customer_identifierstringCustomer-level unique identifier, NOTE: Do not use personally identifiable information such as SSN or government ID numbers.
purposestringPurpose of report, valid values are below:
decisioning - FCRA credit decisioning
verification - Non-FCRA underwriting verifications
analytics - Retroactive reports for analytical purposes only
statusstringTerminal statuses are:
success, failed, data_import_error
A status of processing indicates that the report is still being processed. An additional call should be made to the GET endpoint until a terminal status is returned.
cutoff_datestringLatest date of financial activity included in report, typically set to current date or application date, date is in the past for retro-scored reports
created_atstringDate and time of report request
updated_atstringDate and time of report update
alertsarray of objectsValues present when notifying lender of specific conditions, conditions do not prevent report completion, see Alerts object
scoresarray of objectsGeneric or custom scores, only report purpose-applicable scores are returned
metricsarray of objectsSee Metrics object
derived_incomesarray of objectsSee Derived incomes object

Alerts object

The alerts object contains the values and descriptions below.

alert_codeintegerInteger indicating alert type, see message field for valid values
messagestringMessage describing alert condition, valid values and alert codes below
1 - No consistent income sources present
2 - No consistent payment streams present
3 - Short transaction history
4 - Low transaction activity
5 - Unable to calculate daily balances for all accounts
6 - Accounts with stale ending balances are present
7 - Low ratio of debit activity

Scores object

This table covers values within the scores object.

namestringModel name
versionfloatModel version
valuestringScaled score value

Metrics object

The values in this table are for the metrics object of the company.

namestringMetric name, not including period of time
time_periodstringAbbreviation for time period of metric, valid values below:
1m_l0 - Last month
2m_l0 - Last 2 months
3m_l0 - Last 3 months
4m_l0 - Last 4 months
6m_l0 - Last 6 months
1w_l0 - Last week
2w_l0 - Last 2 weeks
2m_l2 - 2 months (2 month delay)
2m_l4 - 2 months (4 month delay)
4m_l2 - 4 months (2 month delay)
1m_l1 - 1 month (1 month delay)
2w_l2 - 2 weeks (2 week delay)
0m_l0 - Current snapshot
0m_l2 - Snapshot from 2 months ago
0m_l4 - Snapshot from 4 months ago
lftm - Lifetime
2m_to_1m - Change from 2 months ago to current month
3m_to_1m - Change from 3 months ago to current month
short_namestringAbbreviated form of metric name combined with time period
unitstringMeasurement type for metric, valid fields dollars, percent, boolean, count
valuenumberNumeric value of metric, can contain null values, null is not 0 and must be properly parsed
For amounts, returns dollar value with decimals indicating cents, such as 2.99
For percentages, returns an integer, for example 5% is 5
For Booleans, True is represented as 1 and False is represented as 0
For counts such as number of consistent payments, returns integers

Derived incomes object

View the table below for information from the derived incomes object.

descriptionstringNormalized description for derived income stream, for sensitive information within description, such as health information, description returns as REDACTED
frequencystringFrequency of income stream, possible values are monthly, semi_monthly, bi_weekly, weekly
daysarrayDay or days of week or month for recurring deposits
For monthly and semi-monthly frequencies, returns day of the month and -1 indicates end of month
For weekly and bi_weekly frequencies, returns day of week where 1 indicates Monday and 7 indicates Sunday
formatted_frequencystringFrequency combined with recurrence days
monthsnumberLongest period income stream has been recurring from report date
Income streams are only evaluated on whole months and 2, 3, 4 and 6 month intervals
average_amountdoubleAverage amount of each deposit in covered monthly interval
monthly_amountdoubleProjected monthly amount based on average amount and occurrence frequency


Use the endpoints below to get information on reports for scoring attributes.

Example response

The sample below is a JSON response for the endpoint.

  "report_id": "string",
  "source_guid": "2f918810e4b911edb5ea0242ac120002",
  "refresh": true,
  "lender_reference": "appl-1234",
  "customer_identifier": "cust-9999",
  "purpose": "decisioning",
  "status": "success",
  "cutoff_date": "2021-03-31T00:00:00.000Z",
  "created_at": "2022-03-16 12:56:15 -0700",
  "updated_at": "2022-03-16 12:56:17 -0700",
  "alerts": [
      "alert_code": 1,
      "message": "No consistent income sources present"
  "scores": [
      "name": "Overdraft Risk Score",
      "version": 1,
      "value": 750
  "metrics": [
      "name": "derived_nsf_fee_amount",
      "time_period": "2m_l0",
      "short_name": "drvd_nsf_fee_amt_2m_l0",
      "unit": "dollars",
      "value": 23.99
  "derived_incomes": [
      "description": "direct deposit from xyz company",
      "frequency": "semi_monthly,",
      "days": [
      "formatted_frequency": "Semi-Monthly (15, eom)",
      "months": 3,
      "average_amount": 475.99,
      "monthly_amount": 1003.21