DDS Reports

Find reference information on this page for Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) reports.

Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) reports contain financial institution information from the user’s accounts. Learn more below about the data provided from reports.


The tables below cover the fields and descriptions from the responses.

completed_atdate-timeTimestamp when report was completed
linksarray of objectsList of assets links, see Links object

Links object

The attributes and descriptions below are for the Links object.

link_idstringUnique identifier of Link
tracking_infostringAdditional optional identifier passed by user
access_tokenstringAccess token of existing Link
providerobjectProvider information, see Provider object
deposit_detailsobjectBank account info, for Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) and Paycheck Linked Lending (PLL), see Deposit details object

Provider object

The values in the table below are for the Provider object.

idstringData provider identifier
supported_bank_account_actionsarray of stringsList of supported bank account actions

Deposit details object

View the info for the deposit details object below.

account_numberstringAccount number
account_typestringAccount type, see possible values below

checking - Checking account
savings - Savings account
routing_numberstringRouting number
bank_namestringBank name
deposit_typestringDeposit type, see possible values below

entire - Entire paycheck
percent - Percentage of paycheck
amount - Fixed amount from paycheck
deposit_valuestringDeposit value


The page below is for the available endpoint for DDS reports.

Example response

The JSON below is an example DDS report response.

  "completed_at": "2022-05-04T11:30:00Z",
  "links": [
      "link_id": "3fa85f64-5717-4562-b3fc-2c963f66afa6",
      "tracking_info": "string",
      "access_token": "99dd17074ac94aa9ace2621d657c7610",
      "provider": {
        "id": "adp",
        "supported_bank_account_actions": [
      "deposit_details": {
        "account_number": "16002600",
        "account_type": "checking",
        "routing_number": "123456789",
        "bank_name": "TD Bank",
        "deposit_type": "entire",
        "deposit_value": "50.00"