Find information related to user employment with the endpoints in this section.


Employment objects track the most recent user employment data, such as employer name, manager name, employer address, and other information. The employment data is associated with the link_id from Truv's Income and Employment product type.


The values in this table cover attributes for the employment endpoints.

idstringUnique ID of selected employee
is_activebooleanStatus of active employment
job_titlestringJob title of employee
job_typestringJob types of employee, includes five job types
F - Full Time
P - Part Time
S - Seasonal
D - Daily
C - Contract
start_datedateDate of employee's initial employment
original_hire_datedateOriginal hire date of employee
end_datedateEmployee's employment end date
incomestringBase income amount, not including commission or bonuses
income_unitstringPay interval for income field reference

YEARLY - Annual income
MONTHLY - Monthly income
WEEKLY - Weekly income
DAILY - Daily income
HOURLY - Hourly income
pay_ratestringPayment rate per pay cycle
pay_frequencystringPay frequency

M - Monthly
SM - Semi-Monthly
W - Weekly
BW - Bi-Weekly
A - Annually
C - Commission
external_last_updateddateIndicates date of last update for employment data from payroll provider
derived_fieldsarray of stringsArray of derived fields
missing_data_fieldsarray of stringsList of missing data fields from payroll response
manager_namestringSupervisor name of employee
companyobjectCompany object

Company object

This table covers values within the company object.

namestringCompany name
addressobjectAddress object
phonestringCompany phone number
einstringEmployer Identification Number

Address object

The values in this table are for the address object of the company.



View the available endpoint for employment below.

Example response

The JSON object below is the sample response for the endpoint.

  "id": "24d7e80942ce4ad58a93f70ce4115f5c",
  "income": "70000.00",
  "income_unit": "YEARLY",
  "pay_rate": "6500.00",
  "pay_frequency": "M",
  "is_active": false,
  "job_title": "PR associate",
  "job_type": "F",
  "start_date": "2018-01-01",
  "original_hire_date": "2017-06-21",
  "end_date": "2022-12-11",
  "external_last_updated": "2022-12-11",
  "derived_fields": [
  "missing_data_fields": [
  "manager_name": "Jenny McDouglas",
  "company": {
    "name": "Facebook Demo",
    "address": {
      "street": "1 Morgan Ave",
      "city": "Los Angeles",
      "state": "CA",
      "zip": "90210",
      "country": "US"
    "phone": "6503087300",
    "ein": "12-345678"