The employment object keeps track of users' most recent employment data: employer name, manager name, employer address, etc. The employment data is associated with the link_id that is obtained from Truv's Income and Employment product type.


The attributes of the Employment:

idstringThe Unique ID of the selected employee
is_activebooleanIndicates whether the employment is still active
job_titlestringThe job title of the employee
job_typestringThe job types of the employee. There are five job types:
F - Full Time
P - Part Time
S - Seasonal
D - Daily
C - Contract
start_datedateDate of the Employee's initial employment
original_hire_datedateThe original hire date of the employee
end_datedateThe employee's end date
incomestringBase income amount not including commission or bonuses
income_unitstringThe pay interval the income field refers to:

YEARLY - Annual income,
MONTHLY - Monthly income,
WEEKLY - Weekly income,
DAILY - Daily income,
HOURLY - Hourly income
pay_ratestringPayment rate per pay cycle
pay_frequencystringPay frequency:

M - Monthly,
SM - Semi-Monthly,
W - Weekly,
BW - Bi-Weekly,
A - Annually,
C - Commission
external_last_updateddateIndicates the date when employment data was last updated on the payroll provider side
derived_fieldsarray of stringsAn array of derived fields
missing_data_fieldsarray of stringsList of the data fields which are missing in the payroll API response
manager_namestringThe supervisor name of the employee
companyobjectThe employee company's information
namestringCompany name
addressobjectCompany address
streetstringThe street on which the company is located
citystringThe city in which the company is located
statestringThe state in which the company is located
zipstringThe zip code to which the company belongs
countrystringThe country in which the company is located
phonestringThe company phone number
einstringEmployer Identification Number


Available endpoint list for Employment:

Get Employment Data - GET/link/{link_id}/employment

Sample Object

The example object returned by the Get Employment Data endpoint:

  "id": "24d7e80942ce4ad58a93f70ce4115f5c",
  "income": "70000.00",
  "income_unit": "YEARLY",
  "pay_rate": "6500.00",
  "pay_frequency": "M",
  "is_active": false,
  "job_title": "PR associate",
  "job_type": "F",
  "start_date": "2018-01-01",
  "original_hire_date": "2017-06-21",
  "end_date": "2022-12-11",
  "external_last_updated": "2022-12-11",
  "derived_fields": [
  "missing_data_fields": [
  "manager_name": "Jenny McDouglas",
  "company": {
    "name": "Facebook Demo",
    "address": {
      "street": "1 Morgan Ave",
      "city": "Los Angeles",
      "state": "CA",
      "zip": "90210",
      "country": "US"
    "phone": "6503087300",
    "ein": "12-345678"