Bridge Token

Learn how to manage tokens for the Truv Bridge via API.

A bridge token is a short-lived token that is required to open Truv Bridge.

Bridge Token Attributes

The attributes of the Bridge Token are shown below.

bridge_tokenstringUnique ID of the Bridge Token
tracking_infostringAny information to associate with a current user
client_namestringClient name to be used in the Bridge
product_typestringIndicates the main type of product to use
allowed_productsarrayList of all allowed products for this account. If not passed, only the main type will be allowed.
company_mapping_idstringA Company ID to skip the search step
access_tokenstringAccess token of the existing Link (used for the data refresh).


Below is the available endpoint list for Orders:

Create Bridge Token - POST /users/{user_id}/tokens/
(DEPRECATED) Create Bridge Token - POST /bridge-tokens/

Sample Object

The example object returned by the Create Bridge Token Endpoint is shown below.

  "bridge_token": "2f67984a110747d190c39e1022c81837",
  "tracking_info": "any data for tracking current user",
  "client_name": "Truv Demo",
  "product_type": "income",
  "allowed_products": [
  "company_mapping_id": "99dd17074ac94aa9ace2621d657c7610",
  "access_token": "99dd17074ac94aa9ace2621d657c7610"