Account Links

Link represents a connection to a user's account.

Each Link has an ID and access_token which can be used to retrieve data from a user's account. Both Link ID and the access token can be retrieved by exchanging the public_token received from the callbacks in the Truv Bridge.

An access token is used to perform the most sensitive operations, like report generation.

Link Attributes

The attributes of the Link:

idstringUnique ID of the Link
created_atstringTimestamp when the Link was created (ISO 8601)
updated_atstringTimestamp when the Link was last updated (ISO 8601)
tracking_infostringOptional tracking information provided by a partner
statusstringStatus of the last Task related to the account Link
user_external_idboolThe external ID of the user provided by a partner
provider_idstringData provider ID
link_hashstringUnique hash for the user credentials used to create the link


Available endpoint list for Orders:

Get Link - GET /links/{id}
List Links- GET /links/
Get Link Token - POST /link-access-tokens/
Delete Link - DELETE /link/{id}/

Sample Object

Example object returned by the Get Link Endpoint:

  "id": "48427a36d43c4d5aa6324bc06c692456",
  "created_at": "2022-06-07T15:00:00Z",
  "updated_at": "2022-06-31T15:00:00Z",
  "tracking_info": "user123456",
  "status": "new",
  "user_external_id": "user123456",
  "provider_id": "adp",
  "link_hash": "bc917458a3da4b2c8cc8282aa1707aaa"