Direct Deposit Switch

Allow your users to manage their direct deposit configurations for their paycheck.


Truv’s Direct Deposit Switch (DDS) product allows you to help users configure their paycheck destinations. This can apply to the total or a specified amount as a percentage or fixed dollar amount. Users can switch their paycheck to direct deposit at a bank or credit union. This also works for financial applications or other company purposes. Users can complete transactions and update their direct deposit settings instantly instead of waiting.

When using DDS, you can offer additional support through products such as earned wage access (EWA) or personal loans. DDS can also help banks and credit unions encourage user activity from monitoring funds.

Use cases for Direct Deposit Switch (DDS)

These points are example scenarios for DDS in your workflow.

  • Instant switching for primary deposit account
  • Funding a newly opened bank account

Next steps

Use the guides below to begin integrating Truv’s DDS product into your workflow.