Employment History


Truv's Employment History (VOE) product allows you to access all users' employment information from their authenticated account and helps you verify anyone's employment in seconds, facilitating an improved decision-making process.

We gather data from a trusted source providing the employment history that allows background screeners, loan officers, banks, and fintechs, the ability to give users an exceptional experience.

Employment History can be useful for background screening or verification of employment for lending with data that includes information about the user's identity, employer, and employment status.

Users can instantly complete verification instead of waiting for a few days.

Use cases for Employment History

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Loan origination to confirm employment before closure

Where to embed Truv in your workflow

There are a few important decisions to make to effectively design and integrate Truv into your User Experience.

1. Where in your current process do you want to leverage Truv?

Truv can retrieve all employment data associated with a payroll account and allow you to use that data at various stages of your application process:

  • Pre-qualification - you can autofill any personal information including personal and employment information.
  • Verification - For verification of employment or verifying income after decision-making or pre-qualification.

2. How do you plan to onboard/off-board users?

We've built an intuitive UI/UX that leads to increased conversion rates over traditional methods. To further increase conversion rates we recommend educating your users about connecting to their payroll by explaining the benefits and setting the right context.

3. Do you need refreshed access to the most recent user data?

Truv's platform can refresh employment data from the connection.

Depending on the payroll system, when a session for a specific connection expires, there needs to be a flow to bring the user back to the application to re-authenticate using Truv Bridge and restore the connection to the payroll system.

Additionally, we recommend giving the user the option to disconnect their account and delete all the data from the system.