Encompass Admin User Guide

Complete income and employment verification for US employees from within the Encompass platform.

About Encompass

Truv helps loan officers and processors submit income and employment verification requests on behalf of borrowers. Now with Encompass integrations, customers retrieve and refresh aggregate reports and store them in the Encompass eFolder during the mortgage loan origination process. The integration also allows for Orders to contact users for their provider information.

Setting up Encompass for administrators

The steps below cover each part of setting Truv up with Encompass using administrator privileges.

Step 1

Log into Encompass as an administrator using Encompass Web. Navigate to the Admin tab at the top of the screen, select Services on the left navigation. Select Services Management and then Add Service on the right.

Step 2

Select Verifications in the Category dropdown on the right.

Step 3

Select the Truv tile for your integration. Select Manual for triggering Truv verifications manually.

Step 4

On the Add Manual Setup page, complete the Service Setup Name field. Add any Authorized Users to the configuration in the section below. Select Save to continue.

Step 5

Visit Truvโ€™s API Dashboard and select API Keys. Copy the credential values from your environment using the Copy icon.



Truv has three environments, sandbox, development, and production. Each requires an associated Access secret for their respective uses. Sandbox is for checking structure and getting sample data, Development is a production-like environment for end to end testing. Confirm your configurations in these environments before moving to Production. Test verifications in the development environment are not billed or limited. For sandbox data, please refer to Truv's Testing page.

Step 6

Navigate back to the Encompass platform for the Services Management section. Select your Truv integration, then select Credentials on the right.

For the Add Company Credentials pop-up, input the Client ID and Access secret for the associated environment and select Save.

Step 7

Activate the Truv Verification by toggling the Status button for the service setup. If the client_id and access_secret are incorrect, an error message appears when creating an Order.



You've activated Truv for Encompass!

Completing verification requests on Encompass LOConnect

Follow the steps below when an administrator sets Truv up with Encompass. This section helps you submit an income and employment verification request using Truv within Encompass using Orders.

Step 1

Go to PIPELINE tab, open the loan file, select Sevices, then All Services.

Step 2

Select Order under Verifications and select Truv - Verification of Income/Employment, then select Next.

Step 3

Complete the email address and phone number fields.

  • Select an email address for the borrower to receive an email notification from Truv.
  • Select a phone number for the borrower to receive an SMS notification from Truv.
    • Including a borrower's email and phone number to result in higher conversions. Confirm your borrower's consent before including email and phone number for Orders.
  • Under the Status updates column header is an optional field. You can enter an additional contact's email address for receiving a status update email notification from Truv.
  • Select product type, Employment history for VOE or Income and Employment for VOIE.
    • Select up to 5 employers for VOE.
    • Select 5 employers for VOIE. Both Income and Employment for this product type are verified.
  • Under Action, select the Create Order checkbox.

Step 4

Select Submit. The next page is for Managing reports. This covers all Order statuses and updates for Truv in Encompass.



You'll redirect to the transaction list, and the borrower receives an email with a link to verify Income and Employment instantly.

Customize Order expiration using the Truv Dashboard. Go to Settings, then Branding, Field Name: link_expiry. The Order will expire and the status is marked as Expired in Orders. Borrowers then cannot use the generated link to complete the verification.

The status column reflects the all associated status updates. If an Order has multiple employments, borrowers receive email reminders. Email reminder frequency is every 24 hours for three business days by default. The option to unsubscribe is also available.



Unverified employers appear as Pending status.

Managing reports

The Order statuses tab covers the options to refresh, download, and cancel reports.


Refresh completed VOE or VOIE reports with todayโ€™s income and employment information. Select the Refresh the data action to initiate the request. After submitting, the status changes to Pending. The new report with updated data is available when complete.


View completed VOE or VOIE reports by selecting Download button on the Order statuses tab. If the order request includes multiple employments, separate PDFs are generated.


Ordered requests can be cancelled by selecting Cancel order button. This is only possible after an Order is created and in Pending status. Completed and expired orders cannot be cancelled.


Need help? Email [email protected] or contact Truv through your dashboard.