Third-party Integrations

Truv integrates with other platforms to provide streamlined requests.


Find flexible options for managing user requests with these third-party Truv integrations. These platforms provide additional verification solutions. These integrations can use Orders to contact users for their provider information.

TazWorks and Accio

TazWorks and Accio Data integrate with Truv for our customers. Truv helps to submit employment history requests for Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and background screeners. Use Truv’s verification workflow directly with these integrations for complete employment history requests.

You can also submit Orders using the TazWorks and Accio Data platforms. On your dashboard, check and monitor all orders from these integrations. For more information, see the links below.


Encompass lets you submit income and employment requests through the Truv verification processes. Help loan officers and processors manage submissions from future and existing borrowers.

Truv’s Encompass integration allows customers to retrieve, refresh, and store aggregate reports in the Encompass eFolder. Support your users throughout the mortgage loan origination process.

You can also find and submit Orders using Encompass as well as manage them in your dashboard. Learn more about integrating Encompass with the guide below.


SimpleNexus is a point of sale (POS) mortgage platform. Truv integrates with SimpleNexus for borrowers to connect their payroll account information. Customers then share income reports as well as pay statements with loan officers. With additional customization, Truv allows for individualized experiences for borrowers throughout the process. View more information in the guide below.