Freddie Mac's AIM for VOIE with Truv

Use verification of income and employment and share reports with government sponsored enterprises.


Truv Verification of Income and Employment (VOIE) now supports government sponsored enterprise (GSE) connectivity. Simplify your users’ experience and easily create VOIE Reports from the users' employment and income information that can be intergrated with Freddie Mac.

User reports

Truv's reports have been integrated with Freddie Mac's Asset and Income Modeler (AIM).

Our vendor ID for Freddie Mac is Truv.

After VOIE Orders are successfully processed, Truv creates reports that would be retrieved by Freddie Mac by the Report ID. After data refreshes, new reports with corresponding new Report IDs, are generated. Each new Report ID must be passed to Freddie Mac to access the most recent data. Subsequent VOE orders also lead to new reports being created.

The Report ID is present in Truv's VOIE Reports as highlighted below.


For our Encompass clients, Truv's Report ID would be available in the Encompass Loan: GSE Additional Provider Data screen as Truv (Bor, CoBorr), highlighted below.