Bridge Errors

All errors for Truv Bridge will be returned as a callback. In most cases, Truv Bridge will help users resolve errors but you should design your UX assuming that you will see errors since even an incorrect login and password will generate one.

Below you can see error codes for Truv Bridge:

    "error": {
        "error_code": "LOGIN_ERROR",
        "error_message": "Username or password is incorrect",
        "error_type": "LINK_ERROR"

Error object

error_typestringA unique code describing the type of error that occurred
error_codestringA unique code indicating the error that occurred. See below.
error_messagestringA description of the error that occurred

Error types

LINK_ERRORA generic error type has occurred

Error codes

ERRORA generic error occurred
LINK_EXISTSThe user's account is already connected
LOGIN_ERRORThe username and/or password was incorrect
MFA_ERRORThe wrong input was given for the MFA question
NO_DATAUser login was successful but there was no data inside the account
UNAVAILABLEThe payroll provider is unreachable at the time of connection.