When user first time connects their payroll account through Bridge the persistent Link to a payroll provider is created. This link can be identified by link ID or access_token. The access_token is used to do most manipulations with the Link including pulling data (e.g Income and Employment, deleting data (Delete Link by access token) and initiating Data Refresh.

Every time a new data pull/push is initiated for a particular Link the platform creates a Task to perform the requested action on the payroll provider side.

Each Task has a specific set of states where it can be during processing and usually the appear sequentially: new -> login -> mfa -> base_parse -> full_parse -> done. Full description of each state is below.

Task Statuses

newThe Task has just been created
loginAttempting to log into the payroll provider
mfaAttempting to complete multi-factor authentication
parseAttempting to parse payroll data
full_parseInitial parse is done. Parsing of slow objects is in progress.
switch_depositDirect deposit switching started.
doneTask is complete

In some cases the Task can not be completed successfully and will fail into one of the terminal error states.

Task Error Statuses

login_errorThere was an error logging in
mfa_errorThere was an error completing authentication
config_errorThere is a configuration issue which needs to be resolved by the user or developer before we can complete the payroll connection.
account_lockedThe payroll account is locked
unable_to_resetThere was an error completing credentials reset
no_dataNo data available from the payroll provider
unavailablePayroll provider is unavailable
errorGeneric error during connection