June 1st - 15th, 2023

Truv Platform Updates

Encompass Order Lock

Encompass is where many of you choose to operationalize your lending business, which is why Truv is committed to providing you with the best user experience possible. This past sprint we’ve added visibility into the order status of an existing order. This gives someone working on the loan the ability to see if the order is locked before trying to take new actions. This feature will help reduce redundant work and keep Encompass orders in check.

Banno Direct Deposit Edit Feature

We’ve made it easier to adjust a direct deposit switch for customers using the Banno platform. When a user is reviewing their current direct deposit contribution, we now give the user the ability to edit the amount via a new edit button. This is a huge quality of life improvment for the end user and helps reduce any friction in the direct deposit process.

Login to Banno today to see the changes for your own customers.

Truv Dashboard Updates


Truv is making it much easier to find and download invoices. In the Truv Dashboard we have added a new section dedicated to making it faster and simpler to find your Truv billing information. Paying users will need to login to their Truv dashboard, navigate to the invoices tab on the left side bar, and the select the invoice they wish to view from the drop down list. This new invoice search process will provide transparency into Truv billing and help us better serve our customers!

Log into your dashboard today to try it out!

Webhook Logging

Truv customers need to easily find data during their underwriting process to maintain efficiency and reduce wasted effort. In support of this, we’ve updated the logs in our dashboard to now include webhooks. When opening the log, users will see API events and webhook events. Clicking on a webhook log will give users access to the event that is using the webhook, header information, and body information. This dashboard adjustment will make it easier for users to find webhook information and should help them work more efficiently.

Financial Account Coverage

Truv has the best coverage in the industry, but its equally important to provide transparency into our coverage claims. This sprint we’ve added a detailed overview of our Financial Accounts coverage. Users can find this information under the coverage section in the left side menu. The information in the Financial Accounts page directly relates to Truv’s Financial Accounts product used to verify income and employment. We will continue to provide transparency into our product coverage so that our customers can make informed decisions.

Twilio Keys

Providing a trustworthy experience to applicant’s creates higher conversion rates. In order to increase applicant trust, we now give Truv customers the ability to leverage their own Twilio keys. Previously order text mesages sent from Truv were sent via a separate Truv phone number. This change allows lenders to leverage their phone numbers so that the applicant is being sent information and requests via different sources. This will help lenders increase conversion rates and drive more trust in the application process.

Truv documentation

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