December 1st - 15th, 2022

New API Endpoints Available for Webhooks

  • On our API reference page, under the “User Flow Endpoints” section, you will find a new item for “Webhooks”. If you expand this, you will see new endpoints to List all webhooks, Create a new webhook, Retrieve an individual webhook, Update an individual webhook, and Delete an existing webhook.

New API Endpoint Available for Order Refreshes

  • In our API reference page, under the “User Flow Endpoints” section and the “Orders” sub-section, there is a new endpoint for Create a data refresh order. This will allow you to refresh an individual order based on the Order ID.

Truv Integrations Update

  • Improved fill rates for:
    • job_type in the Employment object for Ceridian integration
    • job_type, job_title in the Employment object for AmazonAtoZ integration
    • date_of_birth in the Identity object for Intuit integration
    • account_number, routing_number, account_name, account_type in Bank Accounts object for Intuit integration
  • Improved data pull-through rate for employers: Lyft, JetNet, iSolved, CVS, Social Security Administration, Bamboo HR integrations
  • Improved login error messaging for Oracle, Paycor, Paylocity, Workday, Intuit