Feb 16th - 28th, 2023


Data Provider Endpoints

In our API Reference documentation, we have new Data Provider endpoints. Now, the List all data providers and Retrieve an individual data provider endpoints are available for requests.

Customization Template Endpoints

We also have added new Customization Template endpoints for use. You can now submit API requests to the endpoints below.

  • List all customization templates
  • Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete customization templates
  • Update and Delete a logo to the customization template

Tax Verification Product Launch

We’ve added a new product for Tax Verification. This provides new features and coverage for self-employed users. These users can now provide access to accepted IRS tax returns to lenders using Truv. We currently cover 85% of the U.S. workforce for verifying income and employment and our coverage continues to expand.

New Provider Infor Lawson

We’ve added a net new provider to the supported integrations – Infor Lawson.


Updated Create Bridge Token Endpoint

The Create a bridge token endpoint has been updated. We’ve deprecated the previous endpoint.

Updated Create Order Endpoint

We’ve updated the Create an order endpoint. The returned Order object now includes user_id.

Data Quality Improvements

We have significantly improved fill rates for the points below. Truv remains relentlessly focused on data quality. Strong data quality and fill rates allow our customers to underwrite with confidence.

  • income in the Employment object across all integrations
  • pay_frequency in the Employment object across all integrations
  • start_date in the Employment object for the Paylocity integration

Integration Improvements

We’ve updated our integrations with the following partners. In addition, we’ve improved the Microsoft SSO integration for optimized success rates.

  • Starbucks
  • SAP Success Factors
  • Paylocity
  • Workday