April 16th - 30th, 2023

We are proud to announce exciting updates across multiple areas, including the Truv Bridge, Orders, the Dashboard, our documentation, and more. View the details below.

Truv Bridge Updates

Mobile Landing Page Redesign: We’ve updated the UI and UX for our mobile landing pages. The new page design differs from the desktop and prioritizes order workflow simplicity. This helps increase conversion rates.

Fixed Race Condition Bug: We have fixed the issues for users opening Truv Bridge on multiple tabs or devices at the same time. Users now receive notifications about already filling out their information in another device or tab. This now prompts users to complete their verification there.

Multiple Products Exit Notification: For users with prompts to provide information for multiple Truv products, we’ve added a browser and Truv widget notification update. This warns users about exiting Truv Bridge as it results in lost progress for all products.

Document Upload Visibility: We’ve added a new document upload selection to our employer selection screen. This allows applicants to easily access document upload, if it's the preferred data verification.

Orders Updates

Order Expiration Date Customization: We’ve added two new options when selecting the expiration date for orders. We’ve added a 3 week and a 4 week timeline to the existing options.

PDF Report New Field: We’ve added the Time Employed in Current Role field to our PDF reports. This requested field helps underwriters make informed loan decisions.

Truv Dashboard and Docs Updates

Feedback survey: At the bottom of the Truv documentation, you can provide feedback and let us know any issues you’re experiencing. Your feedback makes Truv better—let us know what you think!

UX Guides: We added UX guides to Truv Dashboard. These showcase the end to end experience of Truv implementation using various clients and platforms. These guides help users set up their own integrations and leverage Truv in different areas.

Field Masks: We’ve added security masks to the following fields, Account number, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth across Truv Dashboard. These provide a additional layer of privacy for sensitive information.

Templates Update: For existing templates, We are not allowing product names to be changed in the templates once created. We recommend creating new templates for product or combination of products.

Product Updates

Transactions Product: When an account has multiple owners, Truv is now able to pull the information of all the owners associated with that account.

Direct Deposit Switch Update: We've added the ability to update and delete deposit connections directly in the DDS product.

Integration Updates

Social Security Administration: We have made large improvements to our SSA integration. These improvements include additions for documents from Medicare Information, Verification Letter, and Social Security Statements. We have also added the ability for users to reset their SSA passwords natively in the Truv widget.

Insurance Report Update

We’ve added mortgagee and agent name to the insurance endpoint. View the additional fields below.

Dwellings - replacement_cost_cents, cash_value_cents

Policies - paid_in_full, named_insureds

Pulls - addresses_nature, agents

Field Value Update

The following is a breaking change that will need to be updated by developer teams.

Truv will modify the data_source field values in its API responses. Starting on 06/01/2023, the data_source for successful verifications with payroll providers will be named “payroll” instead of crawler. When the change goes into effect, only payroll will be returned after successful payroll verification. If your source code depends on the data_source field, modify it by 06/01/2023 or let us know as soon as possible about any constraints. All other data sources remain unchanged.

The following API endpoints are affected by the change:

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