July 1st - 31st, 2023

Truv Dashboard Updates

Measuring Success

Truv has the best overall coverage and conversion in the industry, but we realize its important for you to see and measure the results of our claims. To achieve this goal and help you realize the impact Truv is having on your business, we’ve redesigned the reporting metrics you see on the home screen to give you a better sense of your Truv usage.

The new design includes updated charts and the ability to filter by period, sub companies, product types, and flow. The new charts show data points for unique users, order status, conversion rates, funnel analysis, error distribution, and benchmark charts. This new design will help users measure the impact Truv has on lending.

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Coverage Request Form

Truv is constantly improving coverage of the US workforce. With over 90% of working American’s covered we lead the industry in coverage. But we realize there may be some sources that we’re missing. In order to give our clients a voice in where we focus our coverage efforts, we’ve created a coverage request form on the coverage dashboard page. This form will allow clients to submit employers, payroll providers, and financial institutions that they would like to see incorporated in the Truv platform. You’ll be helping us on our mission to reach 100% coverage of the US workforce!

Request coverage sources here

Create Support Tickets

Truv lives and breathes customer feedback. We are constantly updating our platform to provide a better experience to consumers and to our clients. In order to streamline the feedback loop, we’ve created a support ticket functionality in the Truv dashboard. Clients can now create, track, and reply to tickets directly in the dashboard. We hope this addition allows us to better serve you!

Submit a ticket here

Filter Webhooks

Underwriters using the Truv dashboard need to find information quickly so that they can do their jobs effectively. In order to make navigating Truv webhook information easier, we’ve added the ability to search and filter results. Clients will be able to search by bridge token and filter by data and status. The search and filter feature will allow clients to more effectively use the Truv dashboard to underwrite loans.

Try out webhook filters here

Truv documentation

View the updates below to the Truv docs site.