January 16th - 31st, 2023

Improved Search in Truv Bridge

Truv remains focused on optimizing conversion rate to enhance the end-user experience and help provide our clients with a superior product. With this in mind, we’ve added couple of enhancements to the Truv Bridge.

  • Ability to handle searching with typos
  • Clear empty state for search with instructions & fallback options to better guide end-user

Updated field names and layout in Order details and PDF report

We have made small changes to field names in layout in both Order details and the PDF report for data pulls for both Employment history verifications and Income & Employment verifications. In accordance with industry norms, we now show “current as of” date, which references the most recent paycheck date in the report. Also, we have updated the layout order of the Annual income summary.

New dashboard navigation bar

We have recently updated the navigation bar in the Truv Dashboard to be more intuitive and optimized for usage based on user roles. Additionally, we have updated the color scheme to a darker shade to provide a prettier design. The availability of certain menu options differ by user role.

Here is an example of what an Owner or Admin role would see:


Some highlights:

  • The “Reports” menu item is now only available in the production environment. While you are in Sandbox mode, this menu item will be suppressed
  • Emulator is atop the menu list and easily accessible so you can quickly play around with the Truv Bridge and see what the Truv experience looks like
  • There is a new section for “Customization”:
    • The “Account” menu item corresponds to global/universal product settings for orders and/or the Truv Bridge
    • The “Templates” menu item allows you to create customization templates specific to individual product types
    • The “Data” menu item allows you to customize individual data fields that are returned in the response from data providers.