December 16th - 31st, 2022

New User Management Endpoints

In the API Reference section of our API Docs page, you will find new User Management endpoints. Now you can submit API requests to List all users, Create a user, Retrieve an individual user, Update an individual user, Delete an individual user, Create a user report, Retrieve a user report, and Create a bridge token for a user.

New “Created by” filter in Orders list in Dashboard

We have added a new column for “Created by” in the Orders list, which allows users to search and filter by specific order creators.

Provider’s name surfaced in Accio and Tazworks

Previously, after verification was completed, we would surface the term “Payroll data” as the data source in both Accio and Tazworks. Now, in Tazworks in the “How verified” field, and in Accio in the “Source” field, you will see the actual payroll provider’s name listed for each verification.

Support ticket conversation history

In the dashboard, under the “Support” function, we have added the ability to see the contents of a support conversation. If you click on any individual ticket line item, you will now see the entire conversation history for that ticket.