April 1st - 15th, 2023

Truv Dashboard Updates

Feedback survey: Provide feedback at the bottom of the Truv dashboard and let us know about your experience! Your feedback makes Truv better!

Tasks & User Table Updates: We added three new filters, product type, data source, and data providers. Uncover insights about your users and any related tasks. We’ve also added data sources and data providers into the table view as columns.

Teams Page Update: We’ve added an All tab to the Team search page. This lets owners and admin manage user access to the Truv dashboard.

Order Updates

Order Notifications: We’ve added notifications for created order statuses. These notifications include User Name, Employer Name, Order ID, Source, and Status. Organizations can now update creators more efficiently.

Mobile Landing Page Redesign: We've redesigned the mobile landing page in Orders. We've streamlined the applicant experience with a more concise workflow for improved success rates

Encompass Updates

Data Timeframe: We’ve restricted VOIE data to pull from a 3-year range in compliance with lender requirements.

Disable Truv Report For Doc Upload: We’ve added the capability to opt out of receiving data as a Truv report form. Users have this option instead of receiving payroll data directly from uploaded paystubs and W2s. This applies for clients with document upload product enabled. NOTE: This feature applies to document upload only.

Enable/Disable Fields: We’ve added the ability to enable or disable fields in Truv. When disabled, fields such as income and employment data fields aren't overridden. This applies to all fields and can either be toggled on or off.

Order Notifications: We’ve added Encompass notifications of order statuses for order creators. These notifications include User Name, Employer Name, Order ID, Source, and Status. This allows an organization to keep creators informed and work more efficiently.

Additional Changes

Link ID Endpoints: We’ve added the link_id endpoint to all VOE, VOIE, DDS, PLL, and Insurance Verification reports. We've now deprecated previous report endpoints by access token.

New Bank Aggregation Endpoints: We’ve added a transaction endpoint and account endpoint to our Bank Aggregation product. The account endpoint returns balance information in addition to account details. The transaction endpoint lists all transactions for the date specified.

Insurance Endpoint Update: We’ve added the mortgage and agent name to the insurance endpoint.

Reusing Link Across Login Attempts: During a user's login attempt process, we are now re-using the Link if the username does not change.