Paycheck Linked Loans


Paycheck-linked loans product (product=pll) can be useful for deducting loan payment directly from a paycheck.

Truv's Paycheck-linked loans product allows your users to repay loans by redirecting a specified dollar amount from their pay check to your bank account.

Paycheck Linked Loans requires routing number, account number, user-friendly bank name, account type (checking or savings), deposit type and deposit amount to initiate Truv Bridge.

Now you can set up auto pay to deduct the loan amount directly from your paycheck and pay the lender. Auto pay request can be set up when creating a bridge_token . The Create Bridge Token endpoint accepts pll as a value for product_type. When specifying a pll value you must also provide the following fields:

  • account.account_number,
  • account.account_type,
  • account.routing_number,
  • account.bank_name,
  • account.deposit_type
  • account.deposit_value.

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