User Experience Design

Intro Screen

A best in class implementation and introduction page provides the user with a potential incentive to verify their employment, context to understand what they will need to do, and assurance that, when they connect to their payroll provider, it is private and secure.

Explaining how the user will benefit from connecting their account and that they can instantly complete verification instead of waiting a few days can improve conversion rates.

Truv provides some sample language in an intuitive How it Works section within the widget, but providing your own intro page, tailored and contextual to your users can lead to greater success for you and the user.

Employer Search

  • If you don't know the user's employer, you can use Truv's search enabled by default
  • If you know their company or employer, you can deeplink directly to the employee login

Use Truv's Search

Truv Bridge is a new way to verify employment history so the majority of users can successfully connect to their employer or payroll account for the first time.

Our search experience was created after testing connections to payroll providers and millions of employers and, using machine-learning algorithms, is always improving. When you don't have data about an employer, the user can search for their current and previous employers inside Truv Bridge.

There are times users don't recall their payroll provider. To help, Truv has intelligently mapped over 2 million employers to the appropriate payroll provider and suggests that payroll provider in the UX. This takes the guesswork away from the user and improves the conversion rate.



We recommend sending all users through Truv Bridge to improve Conversion and Pull through rate.

Build your own Search (Deep linking)

If you know the user's employer, we recommend taking that data into account and deeplinking the user directly to the requisite login input screen in the widget, skipping the employer search screen in the widget.

Additionally, if you know the company name, but don't have the company mapping ID to deep link, you can use our company search endpoint to find it, pass it to the Bridge, and direct the user to the payroll login screen.



In case employer is not mapped we still recommend showing Truv Bridge to all users. This intuitively invites the user to search, select, and connect to their employer or payroll provider.

After login attempt

Depending on the result of the connection, the user might be routed to the success screen or it will fall back to other verification options.

Successful connection

There are many options to direct the user after they successfully log in, but here are the two most common:

  1. Show successful status and let user close the Bridge right after login (takes 5-10s on average). You would need to subscribe to Webhooks or poll Truv's backend API to check the status of the data readiness.

  2. Wait for basic employment information to be gathered and parsed and show success only after that (takes ~30-45 seconds on average)


After successfully connecting account, the best practice is to show to the user a confirmation in your application.

Unsuccessful connection

If your user was not able to connect their account, it's critical to present an alternative verification method or allow your users to upload documents.

Native Reset

If a user forgets their credentials or isn't able to login with the correct credentials, we provide a reset flow in the widget that allows them to reset their password. This keeps them in the experience and provides them an expedited way to reset their password, improving conversion and pull through rates.

Document Upload

Truv has developed the ability to direct users to upload paystubs, W-2s, or statements into the same widget providing an almost end-to-end user experience and making available the same data obtained through the payroll provider connection.

You can enable document upload with no additional implementation, as a back-up to Truv's Employment History product, in cases where the user is unable to login to their payroll provider. If you want to enable document upload, please reach out to the Truv team


We recommend waiting for basic employment information from the API or the doc upload to be ready to present to the user before moving them onto the next step in your UI/UX. This creates trust with the user and they can verify the data before moving to the next step in the your application process.

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