Direct Deposit Switch


Direct deposit switch product (product=dds) can be useful for activating new checking accounts or redirecting part of user's paycheck to savings or investment accounts.

Direct deposit product (DDS) allows your users to switch all of their pay check or a portion of it to your company.
DDS requires routing number, account number, user-friendly bank name and account type (checking or savings) to initiate Truv Bridge.

We handle the use cases Full switch or Partial switch (split by percentage or split by amount).

Creating a direct deposit switch request is done when creating a bridge_token.

  1. The Create Bridge Token endpoint accepts deposit_switch as a value for the product_type..
  2. When specifying a deposit_switch value you must also provide the following fields:
  • account.account_number
  • account.account_type
  • account.routing_number
  • account.bank_name
  • account.deposit_type
  • account.deposit_value

Options for splitting are usually governed and provided by the payroll provider.

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