Truv offers a Postman collection for a no-code way to get started with the Truv. Follow the video for a step-by-step guide:

Postman Setup

  1. Install Postman App
  2. Add Postman collection
Run in Postman
  1. Select environment from dropdown
  2. Add your Client IDClient ID - The unique identifier passed into the X-Access-Client-Id header of every API request to authorize it. , Access keyAccess key - The unique key passed into the X-Access-Secret header of every API request to authorize it. for selected environment

Make API requests

  1. Open the "Collections" section of Postman located on the left side of the window.
  2. Expand the "Public Truv" item and select the "Create Bridge Token" endpoint.
  3. Open the "Documentation" section on the right of the Postman window to review the details of the endpoint.
  4. Click the "Body" tab. Remove "access_token" line from the body if you don't need to Data Refresh. Remove "company_mapping_id" if you don't need Deeplinking
  5. Click "Send" button.

When the request is complete you can review the response returned by Truv in the "Response" section below the "Request" section.

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