Orders allows users to connect their accounts through Truv without spending time on development, but can also be managed through an API. Orders provide a secure and simple UX but its branding is fully customizable.


We recommend implementing Bridge inside of your application due to lower drop-off rates.

You can create an order through Dashboard or an API. After creating an order, you can send the share_url to the user or have Truv send a link to the user via email (if email has been provided) and SMS (if phone has been provided) to complete the process. Orders are only available for employment and income verification at this time.

Orders in Dashboard

If you requested access to Orders in Dashboard, you should be able to create and manage orders via Dashboard UI.

Supported products

We currently support verification of Employment History and Income and Employment via Dashboard.

Creating an order

Go to Orders section of the Dashboard and click Create order.


To create an order, select one of the supported products and fill out information about the user. Other than first name and last name, all other fields are optional.


When creating an order you can decide to send a notification via Truv or generate a unique link and send email or sms yourself.

Viewing results

You can see results of verification by clicking on the row at any time. You'll also get visibility into results and a timeline of verification, including email and sms notifications.



With orders you can decide to use your own notification system by copying the link that you get in the dashboard or from the Orders API or send an email and sms via Truv.

If you plan to use Truv's notification system we recommend using both email and sms to improve open and clickthrough rates.


By default, all links expire after 72 hours and we send 1 email reminder every day if you used our notification system. If you want to change how long it takes for links to expire, reach out to [[email protected]](mailto: [email protected]).


Majority of users complete the request within the first hour (assuming that both email and SMS have been sent); over 75% complete the request within the first 5 hours.

We strongly recommend including phone numbers/SMS within orders to improve response times and conversion rates.


We allow deep customizations of texts in email, sms and on the landing page which user visits to connect their accounts via Truv Bridge. If want to update texts, reach out to [email protected].

Order Statuses

pendingThe verification is being processed by Truv to be available for the applicant
sentThe order was sent to the applicant via email/SMS
completedThe applicant has completed the verification
errorGeneric error during sending notification
canceledThe verification was canceled
expiredThe expiration time has passed and the verification is no longer valid

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