No-Code Implementation


With Orders, you can send the user an email or sms notification and they can connect their account on Truv-hosted site.

For loan officers and processors, Truv helps them submit income and employment history requests for potential or actual borrowers. Now integrated with Encompass, mutual customers can retrieve aggregate reports, and refresh and store them in the Encompass eFolder during the mortgage loan origination process.

Download the Encompass admin and user guide.


If you plan to verify more than just employer (e.g. collect personal information), we don't recommend using manually submitting orders via the dashboard. Users can be confused from receiving multiple emails and sms from your company.

Orders allows users to connect their accounts through Truv without spending time on development, but can also be managed through an API. Orders provide a secure and simple UX but its branding is fully customizable.

If you are submitting an order via a platform such as Encompass, you will be able to check and monitor all orders submitted via the dashboard.


We recommend implementing Bridge inside your application due to lower drop-off rates.

You can create an order through Dashboard or an API. After creating an order, you can send the share_url to the user or have Truv send a link to the user via email (if email has been provided) and SMS (if phone has been provided) to complete the process. Orders are only available for employment and income verification at this time.

Orders in Dashboard or via API

If you requested access to Orders in Dashboard, you should be able to create and manage orders via Dashboard UI or Orders API

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