Feb 1st - Feb 15th, 2023


Customization templates

We’ve added Customization Templates to our products. These provide options to create individual templates for customizing product texts, settings, and designs. They work throughout each Truv product and workflow.

You can now customize email or SMS text for notifications from Truv with Customization templates. These also allow you to create separate customization options for different products.

New Provider Doculivery

We’ve added a net new provider to the supported integrations – Doculivery.

Disable Providers

We’ve added functionality to disable provider selection in Truv Bridge. You can now configure visible providers for users within the widget.

Payroll Category in Truv Bridge

We’ve launched new categories in Truv Bridge. See the list below for the included categories. The payroll category is for users familiar with their providers. End-users can navigate to their most relevant category for and complete their verification more easily.

  • Popular - Popular employers for your traffic
  • Employer - top employers in US
  • Payroll - Payroll providers sorted by share of market
  • Gig - Popular gig economy companies
  • Benefits - Retirement, disability and veteran benefits


Integration improvements

We’ve made improvements across many providers. See the list of companies below.
  • Paylocity
  • Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Oracle HCM
  • Ceridian
  • UPS
  • Amazon A-Z
  • Rippling

Login Improvements

We’ve optimized support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and similar processes. In addition, Truv now supports Uber integration with Apple ID.
  • Google Captcha
  • QR codes
  • Other MFA flows

Data Quality Improvements

We’ve improved pull-through rates for the payroll providers below. This applies to any employer with these payroll providers. Data quality is critical to our clients, so they can underwrite with confidence.
  • ADP
  • Paycom
  • Paychex
  • Oracle
  • Intuit
  • Workday

Provide feedback in Truv Dashboard

We’ve added feedback functionality in our Truv Dashboard experience. You can provide feedback to us quickly and directly.


January 16th - 31st, 2023

Improved Search in Truv Bridge

Truv remains focused on optimizing conversion rate to enhance the end-user experience and help provide our clients with a superior product. With this in mind, we’ve added couple of enhancements to the Truv Bridge.

  • Ability to handle searching with typos
  • Clear empty state for search with instructions & fallback options to better guide end-user

Updated field names and layout in Order details and PDF report

We have made small changes to field names in layout in both Order details and the PDF report for data pulls for both Employment history verifications and Income & Employment verifications. In accordance with industry norms, we now show “current as of” date, which references the most recent paycheck date in the report. Also, we have updated the layout order of the Annual income summary.

New dashboard navigation bar

We have recently updated the navigation bar in the Truv Dashboard to be more intuitive and optimized for usage based on user roles. Additionally, we have updated the color scheme to a darker shade to provide a prettier design. The availability of certain menu options differ by user role.


January 1st - 15th, 2023

Custom logo now available in PDF reports

Upon request, we can now offer custom logos to appear in the PDF report for verifications. We can enable this feature ad hoc upon request, and when enabled, it will use the logo that has been uploaded to the Branding configurations within your Dashboard.

Date fixes in Insurance reports in Order details

There was a minor bug that caused some dates in Insurance reports on the screen to mismatch with the dates reported in the PDF report. This has been fixed.

Table filters on smaller screens in Dashboard

For Dashboard pages with tables (e.g. Orders and Users pages), we have improved the user experience for zoomed-in views. Previously, the search bar would overtake some column filters when the screen was zoomed in. Now, we show a single button to access all filters when the screen is zoomed in.


December 16th - 31st, 2022

New User Management Endpoints

In the API Reference section of our API Docs page, you will find new User Management endpoints. Now you can submit API requests to List all users, Create a user, Retrieve an individual user, Update an individual user, Delete an individual user, Create a user report, Retrieve a user report, and Create a bridge token for a user.

New “Created by” filter in Orders list in Dashboard

We have added a new column for “Created by” in the Orders list, which allows users to search and filter by specific order creators.

Provider’s name surfaced in Accio and Tazworks

Previously, after verification was completed, we would surface the term “Payroll data” as the data source in both Accio and Tazworks. Now, in Tazworks in the “How verified” field, and in Accio in the “Source” field, you will see the actual payroll provider’s name listed for each verification.

Support ticket conversation history

In the dashboard, under the “Support” function, we have added the ability to see the contents of a support conversation. If you click on any individual ticket line item, you will now see the entire conversation history for that ticket.


December 1st - 15th, 2022

New API Endpoints Available for Webhooks

  • On our API reference page, under the “User Flow Endpoints” section, you will find a new item for “Webhooks”. If you expand this, you will see new endpoints to List all webhooks, Create a new webhook, Retrieve an individual webhook, Update an individual webhook, and Delete an existing webhook.

New API Endpoint Available for Order Refreshes

  • In our API reference page, under the “User Flow Endpoints” section and the “Orders” sub-section, there is a new endpoint for Create a data refresh order. This will allow you to refresh an individual order based on the Order ID.

Truv Integrations Update

  • Improved fill rates for:
    • job_type in the Employment object for Ceridian integration
    • job_type, job_title in the Employment object for AmazonAtoZ integration
    • date_of_birth in the Identity object for Intuit integration
    • account_number, routing_number, account_name, account_type in Bank Accounts object for Intuit integration
  • Improved data pull-through rate for employers: Lyft, JetNet, iSolved, CVS, Social Security Administration, Bamboo HR integrations
  • Improved login error messaging for Oracle, Paycor, Paylocity, Workday, Intuit


November 16th - 30th, 2022

User Onboarding Update

  • For new users who do not have an account set up with Truv, we have removed the Sign-Up flow from the login page for To get access to Truv, all users must either be invited by an internal company admin, invited by a Truv employee, or submit a request for a demo or API keys via

Truv Integrations Update

  • Improved fill rates for pay_rateincome, and income_unit in the employment object for integrations with Ceridian, Gusto, Oracle HCM, Paychex, Paycom, Paylocity, and Workday
  • Improved data pull-through rate for employers: DoorDash and AT&T

Truv Bridge Update

  • Replaced full “in progress” screen with the loader. When a user submits data, we used to show the “in progress” step in full-screen mode. Now users see only the loader, and we keep the user in context by reducing the number of screens in the flow.
  • Added autosuggest for OTP codes on mobile keyboards
  • Updated provider search rules to show more relevant results
  • Now a CLOSE event is sent and the onClose handler is called after closing the Bridge with a successful result


November 1st - 15th, 2022

Dashboard update

  • For users who are enabled for Orders flow, they will see Order Settings under the Settings menu within the dashboard; if you are not enabled for Orders flow, you will see Bridge Settings there. Formerly, these settings were all nested within the Emulator under Playground. The only universal settings that still remain within Emulator are Branding settings.

Truv Bridge update

  • Added a new error code, link_exists , for when a user's account is already connected


October 16th - 31st, 2022

Truv Integrations update

  • Launched new integration with Rover for gig workers
  • Improved data pull through rate for employers: Lockheed Martin
  • Improved the direct deposit functionality for Uber

Dashboard update

  • Support tickets now visible in Dashboard: there is a new menu item for “Support tickets” in the Dashboard which will show you all open and resolved support tickets for your company.

Order Flow update

  • New products are now available: DDS, PLL, and Admin
  • Landing page has been redesigned


October 1st - 15th, 2022

Truv Integrations update

  • Improved the direct deposit functionality for Dollar General, and Oracle HCM
  • Increased user login speeds for UKG provider
  • Optimized the former employee login for ADP users

Truv API update

Insurance verification report added: We introduced a new product_type called “insurance” which facilitates the verification of insurance policy information from insurance providers. The insurance report endpoint is /v1/link/reports/insurance.

Truv Bridge update

  • We introduced insurance verification flow in our Bridge. Now user is able to choose their insurance provider and share their active insurance details with the client
  • Native reset flows for Intuit QuickBooks for password and username recovery
  • We deployed new version of Bridge to all our traffic. Besides style and color changes we upgraded employer search screen and simplified navigation across the Bridge. A/B test we ran showed increase of the conversion rate to finding provider
  • We added Bridge events in Document upload flow so now client can get additional knowledge on user’s activity in alternative verification flow


September 15th - 30th, 2022

Truv Integrations Update:

  • Built a new integration with Social Security Administration for users who are on unemployment and disability benefits
  • Improved data pull through rate for employers: Compass Group , Employment Report, and Rippling
  • Optimized the former employee login for ADP users

Data Quality Improvements:
  • Improved fill rates for pay_rateincome, and income_unit  in the employments object for ADP provider