September 15th - 30th, 2022

Truv Integrations Update:

  • Built a new integration with Social Security Administration for users who are on unemployment and disability benefits
  • Improved data pull through rate for employers: Compass Group , Employment Report, and Rippling
  • Optimized the former employee login for ADP users

Data Quality Improvements:
  • Improved fill rates for pay_rateincome, and income_unit  in the employments object for ADP provider


September 8th - 14th, 2022

Truv Integrations Update:

  • Improved data pull through rate for employers: Kelly Services
  • Increased user login speeds for The Home Depot employer

Data Quality Improvements:
  • Improved fill rates for deductions and deductions YTD in the statement object for Gusto provider

  • Header field User-Agent will now appear as user-agent
  • Header field X-Webhook-Sign will now appear as x-webhook-sign
  • Please see our documentation


September 6th 2022

Truv Bridge update: W-2 in documents upload flow
Now together with paystubs you can also enabled W-2 as document type for users to complete their verification using alternative way


September 1st - 7th, 2022

Truv Integrations update:

  • Improved the direct deposit functionality for Rippling
  • Improved data pull through rate for employers: Spherion, General Motors, Compass Group
  • Increased user login speeds for Oracle PeopleSoft, Insperity, Paylocity provider
Data Quality Improvements:
  • Improved fill rates for data in the statement object for BambooHR, OracleHCM, Paylocity providers
  • Improved fill rates for deductions and deductions YTD in the statement object for Team Software provider


August 31st 2022

Truv Orders update: Option to skip the verification
We introduced an option to skip verification flow by the end-user when their login attempt is failed. It allows our order clients to get an update and move forward with fallback options.

Truv Bridge update: Paycom and Paychex reset flow
We introduced additional native reset flows for Paycom and Paychex when username or password are not available.


Truv Bridge v3

Bridge v3 as A/B test
Truv has rebranded to Blue and as part of this enhancement we have redesigned the Truv Bridge and rolled it out to 50% traffic. Key features include:

  • New categories on the search screen, to help users to find their employers/providers easily and ability to login faster
  • Additional options for end users on the login page to help them login to their payroll providers Need help page now shown as the bottom sheet and helps end users explore alternate ways to login
ADP update
Launched the new ADP workflow to align with the payroll provider experience. We tested this variant and see an uplift of 1.4 ppt conversion rate


Truv Integrations update

Coverage & Integration Improvements

  • Improved the direct deposit functionality for Paylocity,  iSolvedJustworks, Amazon AtoZ, MyEPP, and Rippling
  • Enhanced our data refresh success rate for MyPay, Paycor, and iSolved
  • Improved data pull through rate for employers: Randstad, Marriott, Uber, LAUSD, and Spherion
Data Quality Improvements
  • Improved fill rates for deductions and deductions YTD in the statement object for Workday, UKG, Paycom, and Team Software providers
  • Full history of statements is now supported for the UKG integration.
  • Improved fill rates for bank account object for Amazon AtoZJustworks, and iSolved providers.


August 29th 2022

Pay rate field added: the new field contains the rate of pay per pay cycle for salaried employees or anyone who has stable payments every pay cycle.
Basis of pay supported values: Daily is now supported among others.
The new field and values are available in the VOIE report endpoint


August 25th 2022

Reports API endpoints changed: the reports API for all products now follows the same path structure v1/reports/{product_type}:


August Dashboard Update

In August, Truv introduced these enhancements in Truv Dashboard:
Email notifications when the user signs up: Added additional notifications our dashboard product so users can be more informed on the access status. Key notifications include:

  • New member sign up - notification is sent to the owner
  • Notification to the user if access was declined
Multiple webhooks support: Support was added for multiple webhooks in the developer section

Best practices workflow: Truv has introduced Best practices workflow section in the Playground where we show sample user experiences on how to embed the Truv products within your workflow and application for optimized conversion rates. This is a good reference for our clients as they plan out their integration of Truv’s solution.